Working Men Series Books Four to Six

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Love a blue-collar hero? Grab your copy of Books Four to Six in Ramona Gray's Working Men Series today! Included in this Collection is "The Welder", "The Electrician", and "The Landscaper". If you’re looking for quick, one-handed (ahem) reads with insta-love, over-the-top alpha, blue-collar men, then the trope-alicious Working Men series is for you!
The Welder
Lying to my sister about dating the only man who ever rejected her probably wasn’t my smartest idea. But in my defense, that man is Asher Stokes – the biggest, quietest and hottest man in town. I’ve been in love with Asher for years, and since my domineering sister swears she’s never coming back to our town, my little lie about dating the man of my dreams is harmless.

Only, now my famous sister is coming home. I have three days to convince Asher, a man who’s never looked twice at me, to pretend to be my boyfriend for an entire weekend.

To my surprise, Asher agrees. But he wants something from me in return. He’ll be my fake boyfriend for the weekend if I’ll be his real bed warmer.

Luna Davis is off limits. Always has been and always will be. She’s the kind of woman who wants a relationship and I don’t do relationships. Ever. Not even for her - the sweet and innocent velvet-voiced redhead who just happens to be the star of every one of my filthy X-rated fantasies.

I’ve vowed to keep away from her, but that was before she asked me to help convince her family that we were dating. Tired of denying what I want most, I’ll play Luna’s game, but not without taking what I want from her.

What’s happening between us isn’t real. Only now that Luna is finally in my bed, the urge to make her permanently mine is too difficult to ignore.

The Electrician
I wasn’t attracted to my boss. As an HR manager, I’d have to be an idiot to be attracted to him.

Sure, maybe he has an unbelievable body and the face of a model, and maybe some women find him irresistible, but I wasn’t one of them. I was pretty certain that Jonah’s idea of a wild night in bed was keeping the lights on. That is, until the day he found the remote to my… let’s call it Claire’s little orgasm helper.

Now, I’m discovering that my boss has a very dirty side. One that I can’t resist. It’s wrong and dangerous and so damn cliché to be sleeping with my boss. But, every time he calls me into his office, sparks fly and I can’t keep my hands off of him.

I’ve craved Claire, for years. But, I’m her boss, and she’s too sweet and too vanilla for someone like me.

Until the day I realize that she has a kinky side as well.

Now, I’m finding it impossible to resist her. It’s all kinds of inappropriate to be sleeping with my HR manager. But, every time she steps into my office, I can feel the electricity pop and I’m about to blow my fuse.

The Landscaper
I’ve loved local landscaper, Knox Jameson, since I was twelve. Yeah, he’s my brother’s best friend.

Total cliché.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, right? Except on my eighteenth birthday, he made it perfectly clear he didn’t want me. I showed him. I got the hell out of our small town, determined to forget him.

I couldn’t.

Now I’m back.

Turns out, he’s wanted me all along, and playing with the landscaper’s hose is my new favourite thing.

I’ve spent the last seven years trying to forget Isabelle. She’s my best friend’s little sister, and he’ll kill me if I start waving my hose around her garden.

But her brother is the least of my worries.

She’s not in love with me. She loves the man she thinks I am. It’s better for the both of us if I keep her at a distance.

Only, my ability to resist her is growing weaker by the day.

February 11
Ramona Gray
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