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Our worlds couldn't have been any different. They sure as hell were never supposed to collide.

I come from the streets, where I've had to use my fists to survive. She may as well have lived in a castle on the hill. She was that far out of my league.

Even still, I couldn't stop myself. I was drawn to her, from the very first moment that I saw her, losing my head over just the sound of her laugh.

One taste of her, and I became a feign. If she was the match, I was the gasoline. Sparks didn't just fly between us, the second that we touched, we erupted as the whole damn fire.

Then, we both went up in flames.

I've managed to move on. Six years is a lot of time to get over someone, at least, it was, until the day she walked back into my life. It was in that moment that I realized eternity could never be long enough.

Abby Daron is inked into my soul.

She's been in a tragic accident, and has lost all memory of the person that she used to be. With an old letter clutched in her hand, she's desperate for answers, and thinks that I'm the person who can give them to her.

Someone should have warned her to stay away from me.

She has no idea just how dangerous I am for her. 

And this time, I may not be able to save her from the fire bound to burn us both.

Fiction & Literature
February 11
Perry Publishing
Elizabeth Perry

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