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This book will quickly take you from frustration to success in building your own network
marketing business. It is loaded with practical ideas to help you sell more and recruit faster than ever before.

Brian Tracy, author Maximum Achievement

This book focuses on the key ingredient for success in owning a business: YOU. You only sell you ...

Dr. Denis Waitley, author The Psychology of Winning

In You, Inc., Rosie Bank presents network marketing not only as a business but also as a way of life and a vehicle to fulfill ones life purpose.

Josephine M. Gross, PhD, editor-in-chief,
Networking Times, dean of faculty, Networking University

Are you ready to be in charge of your life, your time, and your finances? If so, You, Inc. is the book for you. Learn about a business model that has enabled countless individuals to find themselves on higher financial ground at at a time when some others may be out of work. Network marketing is known to thrive in a
downturn economy because more people are looking for solutions. Find out what you can do to become one of those whose life is changed
favorably and permanently.

This book is all about who you become in the process of building wealth and your ability to practice the secrets of your trade. There has never been a better time to become a business owner and share in the enormous profits being made by
average men and women who have above average dreams. The insights in this book will show you why being your own boss can be among the best decisions of your entire life. Living life on your own terms and being in
control of your finances has never had greater value than at this time.

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July 21

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