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Turn back your biological clock. A breakthrough book for men--as much fun to read as it is persuasive--Younger Next Year draws on the very latest science of aging to show how men 50 or older can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years, and continue to live like fifty-year-olds until well into their eighties. To enjoy life and be stronger, healthier, and more alert. To stave off 70% of the normal decay associated with aging (weakness, sore joints, apathy), and to eliminate over 50% of all illness and potential injuries. This is the real thing, a program that will work for anyone who decides to apply himself to "Harry's Rules."

Harry is Henry S. Lodge, M.D., a specialist in internal medicine and preventive healthcare. Chris Crowley is Harry's 70-year-old patient who's stronger today (and skiing better) than when he was 40. Together, in alternating chapters that are lively, sometimes outspoken, and always utterly convincing, they spell out Harry's Rules and the science behind them. The rules are deceptively simple: Exercise Six Days a Week. Eat What You Know You Should. Connect to Other People and Commit to Feeling Passionate About Something. The science, simplified and demystified, ranges from the molecular biology of growth and decay to how our bodies and minds evolved (and why they fare so poorly in our sedentary, all-feast no-famine culture). The result is nothing less than a paradigm shift in our view of aging.

Welcome to the next third of your life--train for it, and you'll have a ball.

Health, Mind & Body
October 10
Workman Publishing Company
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Bernev ,

Aerobics & Living well

As a retired High school Principal & PE teacher, I've been an aerobic exercise fan since the days of Dr. Ken Cooper and his aerobics research in Dallas in the late 1960's & early 1970's. You've rekindled with your writing, a style by the way I really enjoyed, a renewed passion for me to commit to my own exercise program of aerobics & strength training. I'm in my early 70's and so appreciate the science & observations of "living life to the full" that you both document so eloquently. Thanks so much for writing this book. My friends will be hearing about it.

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