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The purpose of this book is to fill the knowledge gap and understanding between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and everyone else. To point out the fundamental reason for the creation of Bitcoin and the reason for its popularity. What enthusiasts like so much in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What need does it serve?

To explain what is fundamentally wrong in present-day society it is trying to address.
Why most people may experience a significant jump in their standard of living (potentially up to 20 times just in the standard of living) if a significant portion of the population and, therefore, the economy was to switch from using government currency to cryptocurrency.

Why invest in cryptocurrency right now if you are still skeptical about its future? What natural forces will move the market up no matter what you believe in? What are the three stages of the bull market? What does it mean to an investor and where are we in the current bull market? Because there are over a thousand different cryptocurrencies and many more are created every day. So, how do you choose the best one to invest in? What is the holy grail of cryptocurrencies? Which of the cryptocurrencies would fit the description and why?

Compare different categories. The perfect cryptocurrency. The right moment. The right price. The right category. The ideal answer to the market needs. A currently unique offer that the market demands. There is a huge incentive to use it, even for people who do not even use a computer!!! And incredible profit potential.

Business & Personal Finance
May 14
Dimitry Krasil
Smashwords, Inc.

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