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After decades of regeneration, the event has left the world divided and ruled by Zeta. In southern England, a lone wolf named Snipe Siren gains a reputation as a fearless rebel and protector of non-citizens.

Snipe’s head is full of unanswered questions. Presumed dead for over a year and having no recollection of missing time, he discovers his girlfriend Lexi had disappeared that same night. Subtle changes to the town and the introduction of scan pods entraps him within the small community he was raised in after his father abandoned him.

Snipe embarks on a roller coaster ride of escape and capture to find Lexi, as well as a secret base controlled by his father. With only a coded diagram, Snipe’s journey unearths his past and the perils facing Lexi. Fraught with dangerous challenges, he battles Zeta through towns and villages, helping the innocent to escape an invisible killer.

Thrust into a path of self-discovery, spies, clones, cannibals, and a doorway to another world; time is running out to liberate those born outside the system and escape the next event. Snipe Siren is the hunter, the hunted, and an outsider in search of love.

“Zeta, by S.P. Rowell, is a deeply engaging, character-driven science fiction novel that accomplishes the impossible by combining the hard-hitting power of a fast-paced, action-packed narrative with emotionally-charged character development and rich, well-crafted relationships that feel realistic and grounded. A rare credit to its genre, Zeta is an unpredictable must-read with refreshingly vibrant female characters and a witty, resilient anti-hero that immediately steals the reader’s heart. With a bold storyline full of labyrinthine twists and turns, culminating in a cerebral ending that is as surprising as it is satisfying, Rowell masterfully balances the surreal qualities of a futuristic landscape with the gritty realism of a desolate dystopia to provide a gripping tale you won’t soon forget.”
- Abigail Stefaniak, Editor

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 22
S P Rowell
PublishDrive Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jenalcb ,

Just the beginning

A very interesting story that ultimately leaves you with more questions than answers. The author maintains a fast pace and you experience the view points of several characters. I did find the jumping between view points confusing at times as it wasn’t clearly defined. I would definitely like to follow the story further as it evolves. That said, I was not been able to really connect with either of the main 2 protagonists or feel I understood them in depth, and that keeps me from being able to rate the book higher than 4 stars.

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