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The complete Zombie Dawn Trilogy is now available for the first time. Not only do you get all three novels, you also get nineteen original illustrations that highlight the most significant characters in the saga. As an added bonus the collectible hardback includes the exciting 'Invasion Manhattan' novella that is set three weeks into the story and tells of the epic battle by the US National Guard to retake New York. Zombie Dawn Outbreak follows the outbreak of a deadly Zombie plague and the people that are left fighting to survive.

The first book, 'Zombie Dawn Outbreak' describes the first week where everybody from office workers, scientists and soldiers through to videogamers are forced into a situation they never thought would happen. After the bloody outbreak takes its hold it is just days before the capital cities of the world are burning and hordes of the undead roam the streets. Will any of them make it past the first week?

'Zombie Dawn Exodus' continues the story one year on from Zombie Dawn Outbreak. The world is now a very different place and the number of zombies massively outnumbers the surviving population. Whilst some groups are still fighting desperate struggles just to simply survive an hour, there are many others that have formed successful new communities with their own unique approaches to survival in a zombie dominated world. Can they survive alongside the undead horde or will it all come crashing down?

'Zombie Dawn Apocalypse' concludes the story ten years on from Zombie Dawn Outbreak. Very few of the old communities remain and those left are the hardiest and most resolute. The constant struggle and war have bred a generation that refuses to die. This book tells the final bloody fight for survival that will determine the future for mankind.

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March 11
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