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In this class, you will be given a multitude of proven tips to effectively create a product and work with scrum teams. I am confident that this class will enable you to learn a multitude of skills since it starts by giving you a full introduction to the concept of scrum and agile product development, scrum and agile principles and a host of other valuable information that will give you a full understanding of the topic. I then walk you through the process of understanding your role as a product owner, how your role differs from that of a traditional product manager, how to create products and a lot more. Once you've learned all that, I will then give you valuable tips for effectively creating a product and working with teams. As you go through the class, you will come across a wide range of practical examples that you can use to understand the scrum framework a lot better. To break this class into easy to digest parts, you will learn: A brief recap of agile and scrum, its principles and other concepts involved in scrum What your job as a product owner entails and how your work differs from that of a typical product manager How to create a product using the scrum framework How product creation in scrum differs from other agile frameworks like the waterfall method. How to create a product roadmap Tips that you can follow to create your product and to manage your scrum team So let's get started and let me teach you how to improve product backlog management.

Randal Schaffer
Std. Min.
11. Oktober
Pashun Consulting Ltd.