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A six-part crime drama about a group of Manchester teens fighting for justice

When their friend Keith Brandon is charged with murdering a policeman, Gemma, Liam and Andy decide to bunk off school and go to the trial. Keith had a knife, a motive and has confessed to the crime, but they're sure he didn't do it - so when he's found guilty, they can't believe it.

Determined to prove Keith's innocence, they take their story to the local media, but no-one will take them seriously. Then Gemma comes up with an unorthodox way of appealing for new evidence: setting up their own pirate radio station...

But someone's trying to warn them off. First they receive a letter telling them to 'stop looking', then Andy's mum - a police officer - is suspended from the force. Unafraid, they keep broadcasting - only to uncover sinister surprises and dangerous secrets.

Can they find out the truth about PC Johnson's death, before they're shut down for good?

First broadcast in 1993, this engaging crime drama was written by Dave Simpson and Diane Whitley. Among the star cast are Jane Dawson (Coronation Street), Sue Jenkins (Brookside), Maureen Beattie (Deadwater Fell) and Michelle Holmes (Rita, Sue and Bob Too).

Gemma - Jane Dawson
Liam - Colin Parry
Andy - Jonathan Perkins
Dad/Malcolm - Jimmy Hibbert
Keith Brandon - Vincent Davies
Mrs Brandon - Sue Jenkins
PC Gibson/Simon - Jason Done
PC Johnson - Chris Brailsford
Detective Inspector Mädchen - Seamus O'Neill
Jennifer Walsh - Maureen Beattie
Judge - Geoffrey Banks
Ted - Russell Dixon
Jeff Carter/Sphinx - Peter Rylands
Susan - Michelle Holmes
Himself - Julian Warwicker

Written by Dave Simpson & Diane Whitley
Produced by Martin Jameson

First broadcast BBC Radio 5, 12-27 April 1993

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