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Have you ever wished that you could get other people to think more like you? Or wondered how you ended up with thoughts that seemed entirely foreign to you in your mind after interactions with another person? The answer to both of those questions could very likely be through dark psychology and mind control.

Yes, mind control is a real thing. However, it is nothing like what you see in the movies.

It is far less obvious than anything you would see in the movies.

People who are being mind-controlled are all around you, and none of them are walking around like zombies with a vacant expression on their faces and unable to think. This is what makes mind control so insidious when done in real life. Those who are being controlled rarely know it is happening.

Mind control in dark psychology is attained through a series of covert, meaning undetected, actions and behaviors that slowly mold another into thinking thoughts that they may not ordinarily entertain. As unsettling as that is, mind control happens everywhere, and it is often happening in places you would never think to see it, in ways that may blow your mind.

From billboards on the side of the road to the way cereal is stocked on shelves, nearly everything you see in your day-to-day life is influencing your mind. You may not be thinking about getting tacos at your local fast-food joint until you pass several billboards and hear ads advertising their new deal. The salesperson who wants you to buy a car is using these skills to get you to buy what he or she wants to sell you. Even in politics, people are using the way they stand and the words they speak to sway your mind. Understanding how the human mind works opens up the possibility of taking advantage of the workings of the mind to get desired results.

If this sounds terrifying to you, or if you wish to learn how to master these ways of influencing the thoughts of others to your own benefit, whether to be a more popular politician, leader, or even just because you think understanding and influencing the minds of others would be fun, Dark Psychology Mind Control is the perfect audiobook for you.

Within this audiobook, you will find:

Explanations of what dark psychology is and how to begin using it
How to read people in order to better influence them in doing your bidding
How to identify the kinds of people who will be acting as predators, seeking to manipulate others’ minds, as well as reasons for this behavior
Who the most common targets for manipulators are and why
Covert manipulation and dark manipulation
Various other manipulation tactics
Ways to protect yourself or others from manipulation

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