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Think about it. At some point in our lives, we all have been manipulated, unduly influenced, or psychologically intimidated. By people both in our personal and professional lives. Sometimes, by the ones we had started to trust and even love.

However, there is nothing to be embarrassed and feel bad about it. As human beings, we all have tendency to respond with kindness, and we give people a benefit of the doubt, sometimes because we don’t know who they truly are.

Unfortunately, not all people are worth being opening up to as they use our emotional and psychological vulnerabilities to fulfill their self-interest. If you want to learn the art of reading people, manipulation, and mind control, then this audiobook can help you discover influencing techniques and how you can use them to stop being manipulated.

This book is what you need to get a complete grip on concepts of dark psychology and neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and will be your insight into what physical and non-physical behaviors such as choice of words, body language, and reactions people use for manipulation.

Moreover, it succinctly explains the concept of persuasion and will assist you in wrapping your head around a variety of ways people manage to convince and persuade others including subliminal communication while effectively preventing others from doing so.

Here’s a summary of what this audiobook will help you do:

Develop an understanding of basic concepts of dark psychology and NLP
Implement NLP methods in personal and professional interactions for convincing and persuasion
Identify behavioral characteristics of psychological manipulation employed by people to have undue influence over others
Identify manipulative tactics and mind games to counter them effectively
Learn about effects of proxemics on decisions and effectiveness of manipulative method
Understand the importance of nonverbal cues in professional interaction, especially in closing sales deals
Learn persuasion tactics, including subliminal messaging, to influence decision making of others


If I get this book, would I be able to identify which people are trustworthy and which people aren’t?

Absolutely. The focal point of the book is to raise awareness about the dark psychological methods and techniques that people use to manipulate and trick others into believing them.

How will this book help me be successful in personal/professional life?

By developing an understanding of how people manipulate and engage in dark psychological tactics, you'd be in a position to steer negotiations during your personal and professional interactions, providing you with the leverage to get you what you want.

Stop reading this, and get the audiobook now!

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