Dark Psychology: The Beginners Guide to Master Covert Manipulation, Discover the Dark Side of Communication and to Learn Persuasion Skills and the Secrets of Human Psychology (Unabridged‪)‬

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Dark psychology draws parallels to brainwash, hypnosis, and all forms of control portrayed in popular media. But it is at times difficult to comb through what is true and what is hyperbole. Brainwash is a less mad scientist with electrodes strapped to someone's brain, and more akin to manipulating somebodies emotions. There is no device (that we know of) that could brainwash someone they way it is done in the movies. Instead, subversive manipulation comes in the form of practiced psychological attacks.

These attacks are almost always deeply rooted in human language and or emotion.

In this audiobook we will discuss the following topics:

Understand human psychology
Dark personality and dark triad - Machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy
Powerful communication techniques
History of persuasion
Dark persuasion skills
Psychology of manipulation
Covert emotional manipulation techniques
Deception Dark psychology techniques and applications
Dark seduction techniques
Ways that you can predict other’s minds
If you get caught...
And more!

Psychology plays an important role in everyday life, including how we process information, become influenced, or influence others and how we make decisions.

It is a study that focuses on the mind and behavior, with many sub-groups or fields of research. In this audiobook, the focus is on dark psychology.

Dark psychology is a study of a specific human condition that involves predator and prey behavior, the ability of humans to manipulate and victimize another living being, and how likely certain types of people are more susceptible to acting on these impulses than others. The study of dark psychology is an interesting and revealing field that uncovers how common it is for people to use tools of mind control and manipulation for their own gain, even at the risk of harming someone else.

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