Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Love Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Love

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Love

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A remarkable compilation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s reflections on love and its transformative power—a stellar addition to Dr. King’s archives published exclusively by HarperCollins.

“I have also decided to stick with love for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King, one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history, wrote and reflected frequently about love. He understood its transformative power and the essential role love played in his mission as the catalyst for positive change.

Now for the first time, in this project of the Dr. King archives published exclusively by HarperCollins, readers will get access to many of King’s writings on love—compiled in a deeply insightful, moving and transformative work of literature. Each section of the book is accompanied by brief introductory editorial remarks that reflect on the historical context of each speech, sermon, and piece of writing, and will further enrich the reader's understanding and appreciation of Dr. King's timeless wisdom.

Love is explored, championed, and debated around the world. It is the central concern of many religious practices. Readers are deeply curious about its nature. C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves, Thich Nhat Hanh's How To Love, or even bell hooks' All About Love showcase that readers and writers share this universal longing and fascination to uncover love’s mysteries.

This book represents the first volume in an ""On"" series from the MLK archives, featuring MLK on various subjects. By grouping his work by subject, readers will get a glimpse at the evolution of his ideas and understand the circumstances in which that theme emerged to lead his concerns.

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