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If you want to know yourself more deeply and learn how to use emotional intelligence to live a happy and fulfilled life, then keep reading...

Knowing what emotional intelligence is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things. In today's fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack.

For the longest time, it was believed that being book-smart was all you needed to get by in life. That is until a different kind of smart was introduced into the picture. Emotional intelligence is essentially the kind of smart you need to understand your emotions, relate well to people, and handle the curve balls that life may throw at you.

Emotional Intelligence is a book with a single purpose: increasing your EQ. It explores the various aspects of EQ, from why we have emotions to why we need them and explains why emotional intelligence might get you further in life than IQ, without necessarily diminishing the crucial role played by book smarts in your life.

It also goes to bust the popular myths about emotional intelligence that exists, thus allowing you to distinguish the truths from the misconceptions. 

Inside the audiobook, you will discover: 

What emotional intelligence is and how it affects your relationships and your work
What core emotions lead us to
Why raising your EQ is so important
What are the most important EQ skills that enable you to achieve your fullest potential
What is the importance of empathy
And much more...

If you have been struggling to understand where your emotions fit in the overall picture of your life or what you can do to achieve greatness in your personal and professional life, then this book is perfect for you.

Do not allow yourself to live another day in oblivion. Get ready to figure out the hard questions, thanks to Emotional Intelligence. You will thank yourself later for choosing to listen to this book.

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