Fluid Spirit – In reality at home

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The Fluid Spirit audiobook by Danielle H. Jolissaint is designed to help you to get in touch with your inner life energy, which is connected to the greater whole. It should enable you to come to a heightened awareness and feeling at ease in life, so that you can recognise and live your qualities. The Fluid Spirit audiobook was created through the daily practice work of Danielle H. Jolissaint and provides important tools, including meditation and mindfulness exercises as well as breathing techniques that support in everyday life. This audiobook serves as an orientation guide in all areas of life and leads you to a fulfilled and happy life in harmony with your qualities and with all living beings on earth. At the same time, it opens and expands your access to down to earth lived spirituality in everyday life and shows you important connections on the energetic and material level, which promote your ability to be happy and your humanity. It accompanies you on the way to becoming a compassionate and life-affirming person. The bonus material contains detailed and informative illustrations and graphics that clearly and vividly illustrate everyday facts and complex correlations from all areas of life. Dare to explore life and yourself and find your own way! This textbook would like to support you in this.

Leslie Howard
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4. November
Danielle H. Jolissaint


Noelani_Z ,

This book is a masterpiece!

It explains the connections between the material and spiritual world in an easy to understand way and gives helpful instructions for meditation and breathing exercises. It is so richly and densely written that I will listen to it several times to absorb all the information.