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Great-Grandma Mittie’s Letters: The Space Adventures of Dara, Vesko, and Borko is a unique read. Organized in four separate parts, the series of great-grandma Mittie's letters provides a great deal of information about the clouds, the stars, the planets of the solar system, our bright Sun, and our home—planet Earth. There are even explanations of important scientific terms such as atoms, light rays, and gravity. But this is not a textbook! By no means! This is a fun, entertaining space travel story told by great-grandma Mittie in a form of role-playing games with her three grandchildren who are the book’s main characters. They get to know the world by traveling, seeing, touching, hearing, and imagining—the most appropriate approach for children. The characters and the readers are all invited to witness misadventures as well and actively participate in them.

The letters are also an invitation to make discoveries that bring participants closer to nature with its laws and regularities which can help all of us understand and respect nature and better live in harmony with it.

After reading this book series, the reader will be able to answer a variety of questions. Why does Mercury orbit the Sun the fastest? Why is Venus the brightest? Why is Earth the densest planet? Why does Jupiter have the greatest gravity and the shortest day? Why does Saturn have so many natural satellites? Why does Uranus have a warmer pole than an equator? Why does Neptune have the longest year and so on? Isn’t it fun to know all this?

Safe travels, adventurous souls! The stars wink at us; the planets smile at us and call our names! We will have a real leader, a physicist and specialist, and with the amazing company of three curious children, we will travel on a unique spacecraft, the starship! Ready? Climb aboard!

PART 1 - From the clouds to the stars


Dear travelers, in Part 1 of this letter series, we will enjoy a journey on a soft cloud before learning many interesting facts about the stars, galaxies, and constellations. Then we are on our way to the core of the nearest star to us, the Sun. We will also complete a fantastic journey to different types of brilliant stars. And everywhere we go, we will be surrounded by tons of laughter, games, surprises, and incredible adventures!

Stephanie Barton-Farcas
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