Hots for Scots Collection: Books 5-8

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Book 5 Drop it Like Its Scot: Alistair Oliphant has devoted his entire life to his clan's well-being. When his father declares whichever of his sons marries and produces a son first will become the next laird, Alistair figures his destiny has finally arrived. The only problem is...he just doesn't have the time to find a wife.

Luckily, he doesn't have to, because right under his oblivious nose is a woman who is ready and willing, and just waiting to hit him over the head with her long-time crush. What he needs is someone to show him how to bend, how to to have a little fun. And Lara is just the woman to do it. Assuming she can convince him to see her as a woman, that is!

Book 6 Scot to the Touch : Six brothers were single at the beginning of this mess, but now there's only one man left standing... His brothers all have their talents and responsibilities, while Kiergan has been content to be relegated to the role of the family rake. Katlyn MacKinnon knows exactly who she is, and she knows her worth as well. So what happens when these two independent hearts get caught in bed together? Hilarious shenanigans ensue, of course!

Book 7 Scot Under the Mistletoe: A year ago, Nessa Oliphant FINALLY landed the man of her dreams in bed…but when her father, the laird, betrothed her to the first Henry, her lover failed to fight for her. But after SEVEN failed betrothals—all to Henrys—Nessa is done with fiddling around.

Book 8 Too Scot to Hold: After finishing his studies to become a doctor, Graham followed the woman he loved to Oliphant Castle and discovered—among other things—that he was not the fatherless, family-less bastard he'd always assumed. And he might've been happy, had Davina MacKinnon been allowed to share it with him. The stakes are high...But none so high as Graham and Davina's.

William MacLeod
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25. April
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