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Proven methods that will teach you how to speed-read people like a book, understand their body language, and decode their intentions.

Would you like to hack human behavior with great strategies and understand the psychological loopholes you can utilize to impact others? Do you wish you could understand what your boss means? Or, do you dream of being able to know whether a potential romantic partner is interested in you? 

Well, you've come to the right place! This body language bible will teach you to decode what people think and feel just by paying attention to their behavior. This guide will help you explore body language not just to understand people - but also to connect with them. You will learn how better to understand people through verbal and nonverbal reading skills. With this powerful guide in your hands, you will learn how to put yourself forward in the most favorable light.

Here's what you'll find inside this guide:

Body language 101: Discover the history of body language, how can reading body language help you, and how accurate it is.
It all starts with the brain: Learn how the brain and body language are connected and use this knowledge to understand others' behavior better.
Making good first impressions: Everybody knows the importance of making good impressions. Discover what you need to do to present yourself in the best light.
The power of nonverbal communication: The face is the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings. Learn what feelings and intentions are hidden behind certain movements and gestures.
Discovering liars: It's not easy to catch a liar in the act. Learn what people tend to do while they are lying and never get fooled again.


The audiobook also includes bonus material:

What is dark persuasion?
How to persuade people
What is manipulation, and how it works?
Tips and tricks to defend yourself from manipulation
Signs of deception
Suggestion therapy

And, so much more!

Take advantage of the knowledge hidden within the lines of this audiobook. After reading this guide, you will develop a great power of knowing how someone is feeling just by looking at them.

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