How to Trek Manaslu Mountains in Nepal: A Quick and Comprehensive Guide to Trekking the Manaslu Mountains of Nepal from A to Z (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever Imagined walking from village to village in the majestic and breathtaking mountains of Nepal? Did you want to learn and be immersed in Nepali culture? Or was it a dream you’ve had since you were young? 

Whatever your reason may be, I’m sure you’re excited and perhaps nervous about embarking on your first trek in Nepal. 

You have every reason to be excited! Trekking gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll treasure for years to come. Through this incredible journey, you’ll be humbled by nature and the people you meet. You might even uncover things about yourself! 

Only in Nepal will you trek through different landscapes before you reach snowcapped mountains. You can see wildlife ranging from monkeys to snow leopards. 

You’ll meet and bond with like-minded people who made the journey with you through the mountains. You might even become friends with your guide. 

If you’re seriously thinking about trekking through the mountains of Nepal, then this quick guide is exactly what you need. 

This audiobook covers the following topics: 

Choosing a trek 
Independent and guided trekking 
Selecting a guide or trekking companion 
Where and what gear to buy 
What to expect on the trek 
My own day-by-day account
And much more

Although this audiobook’s main focus is on the Manaslu Mountains, the advice and guidance can be used for whichever trek you choose!

About the expert: Rebecca Friedberg graduated from The Ohio State University in 2017 where she pursed a degree in classical languages and a minor in business administration. After graduating, she traveled the world solo for six months. 

Her travels took her to Spain, France, Germany, and Romania in Europe. In Asia, she traveled to Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 

Rebecca has wanted to trek after hearing her dad’s world-traveling stories as a kid. She was delighted to have the chance to trek and create a unique experience for herself. 

She made this guide to pass along advice she was given and help future trekkers. 

This is Rebecca’s first guide with HowExperts. She hopes to write other works in the future and travel.  

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