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 Discover how to use the secret strategies of top sports psychologists to create unstoppable motivation, banish nerves, and build a smarter, stronger brain, with INVINCIBLE MIND. The follow-up to number one best seller Mental Combat....  

You may already know about the power of Sports Psychology to boost physical abilities, skyrocket motivation, and banish nerves, the only problem is that most of these strategies are reserved for pro-athletes and coaches, or found in thick technical books costing a fortune.  

So what is going to give you the edge, at home, at work, or at your next big competition? You need more than just facts and figures. More than technical jargon. You need easy-to-use tips and techniques in plain English. You need an Invincible Mind.  

As a best-selling author, martial artist, and fitness coach, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best experts around the world. With input from top instructors and cutting-edge research, I discovered proven tactics that can be effortlessly used by everyone, whatever your challenge.

Invincible Mind is the follow-up to acclaimed best seller, Mental Combat, revealing more of the powerful sports psychology tips you can use in your daily life to give you an almost unfair advantage over the competition, whether it’s at home, at the office or in sports.  

Opponents become easier to overcome...or become allies! A busy mind becomes laser-focused. Nerves are quickly banished and motivation triples as you develop a calm confidence through specific sports psychology tactics.  

Inside Invincible Mind, you’ll discover: 

How to read any opponent using body language
How to turn pain into power 
The secret method for mastering any skill in 30 days
How to train for lightning reflexes 
Why ____Words can revolutionize your training 
The strategy for creating rock-solid positive habits 
How to manipulate an opponent (the right way) 
The mindfulness technique everyone should know 
And much more!  

Get your copy now! 

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