Law of Attraction: The Final Book: Ultimate Abundance Manifestation for: Money, Weight loss, Love, Power, Beauty, Healing and Happiness (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you noticed how for some things just fall into place? Can you visualize the life you desire? You’ve tried to make positive changes, so why hasn’t it worked? Fad diets, affirmations, hypnosis, and positive thinking alone won’t help you achieve your goals. Your energy is something that needs to be focused. Just like a light switch, it can be turned off or on. 

"The law of attraction can be explained by quantum mechanics. The crux of the law of attraction is that whatever a person focuses on will be brought into that person's existence, because the thought becomes directed energy, which attracts those things upon which the mind is focused." - American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Borowski 2012

This book is for anyone looking to get results within key areas of their life. Powerful, advanced techniques are simplified to provide a step-by-step approach to achieving the best in everything you want. Here, the book will focus on abundance for manifesting what you want from each area of your life. Each chapter illustrates how if the human mind concentrates and believes in the good in achieving, then the universe will provide plenty. However, if the human mind focuses on the negative, then this, too, will be provided. How these manifest will not only depend on the positive focus but also in planning, a practical step-by-step approach for each chapter. This will guide you through each step of the journey; for each chapter, a method has been illustrated.

If thoughts create feelings, then we must take control of our thoughts in attracting what we want, and if we truly want what we desire, then action must be laid out for each outcome. Step-by-step instructions, proven techniques, spiritual insights, and success stories are all provided on what you must do on a consistent basis and how to use this power daily.

Jason Offen
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16. April
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