Learn English- Gengo Beginner English, Lessons 1-30: Beginner English #2 (Unabridged) Learn English- Gengo Beginner English, Lessons 1-30: Beginner English #2 (Unabridged)

Learn English- Gengo Beginner English, Lessons 1-30: Beginner English #2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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This audiobook is designed for people who want to study English in English, and who already have a little background in the language. It has a strong concentration on building grammar. Start speaking English in minutes, and grasp the language, culture and customs in just minutes more with Gengo - English, a completely new way to learn English with ease!

Gengo - English will have you speaking with proper pronunciation from the very first lesson and arm you with cultural insight and other information to utterly shock and amaze your English friends.

Why are the audio lessons so effective? They're short and to the point. There's a syllable-by-syllable breakdown of each word and phrase, so that you can say every word and phrase instantly. You'll repeat after the professional teacher, so that you can practice proper pronunciation. You'll also get quick cultural tips in each lesson that will help you navigate your way even better. Above all, this is a fun and relaxed approach to grasping a lot of information quickly and easily. Effortlessly learn from a bi-lingual and bi-cultural host who will guide you through the pitfalls and pleasures of the English-speaking world and English.

You see, unlike other audiobooks, we actually teach English and English culture. With each lesson, you will master a target phrase and key vocabulary. This is a complete lesson taught by a professional, bi-lingual teacher! Listen to the preview now! This is NOT a vocabulary audiobook with just words and their translations. These 24 short and effective audio lessons will allow you to:

Speak English within minutes of your first lesson
Understand the culture, customs, and people of Italy
Order the food you want in restaurants, and travel in taxis, trains, buses, and cars with confidence
Master manners, etiquette, and customs
Learn surprise phrases and tips that will leave your guests wondering where you learned them.

This audiobook comes with downloadable lesson notes totalling over 100+ pages. Start speaking English now!

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