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Why start with meditation? Why meditate? What benefits can meditation bring to my life?

If you asked yourself these questions at least once without finding a satisfactory answer and if that's probably the reason why you never started meditating, then read on...

Throughout my career, I came across many negative opinions and criticisms from people who saw meditation as just a new age hobby for its own sake, without real added value in everyday life. Therefore, I decided to gather in this guide the nine reasons that should encourage anyone to start meditating

Some advantages you could have in your life by learning to meditate are:

Find confidence in yourself and in others
Improve relationships with others
Improve the health of the body and the psyche
Increase your learning and listening skills
Gain greater wisdom and stability
Eliminate anxiety and anger
Rediscover sexual pleasure
Relieve pain, anxiety, and anger
Improve fertility
Develop a broader emotional intelligence

You will be able to achieve these results by listening to the four books that are contained in Meditation for Beginners collection and which deal with topics such as:

Basics of the chakras
The seven chakra system
Chakra stones
Methods for awakening the seven chakras
Steps to open your third eye
Troubleshooting chakra awakening: things to avoid
Physical, emotional and mental imbalances and how to heal them
Ways to examine your chakras: questions to ask on your healing path
Chakra healing benefits
Steps to heal your chakras
Ways how other people affect your chakras
Chakra mantras: 20 of the most beneficial mantras for maintaining chakra health
Meditations for chakra balancing and healing
Ways for healing the chakras with crystals
Breathing techniques 
Ways to balance your chakras with acupuncture and essential oils
Essential oils for balancing chakra
Steps to have a healthy sex life
Unifying phrase meditation
Yoga and meditation
Introduction to Reiki
Reiki lifestyle
Reiki and meditation
The five principles of Reiki
Reiki and kundalini meditation
Healing animals with Reiki
Reiki exercises for beginners
Reiki for food

Do you think that you are not able and that you can't do it on your own?

Know that the whole universe is made of energy and your body is no exception. Nowadays, we are used to treating physical and psyche only through medical consultation or the use of drugs. However, long before modern technology and medicine, ancient cultures knew that all living beings carried with them a vital force, through which it is possible to influence our psycho-physical health. 

Only you, more than the rest of the world, are really capable of affecting yourself. It'll only take the right knowledge.

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