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Contains three complete, novel-length books in the Middle Falls Time Travel series. 

The Vigilante Life of Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie’s birthday is the first number pulled in the draft of 1969. The next thing he knows, he is in Vietnam, badly wounded. After the hell of a yearlong stay at a VA hospital, Scott tries to rebuild his life but descends in alcohol and drug abuse. When he dies of an overdose, he wakes up on his grandparent’s couch, still wounded from the war. Eventually, Scott decides to use his unusual time travel to stop violence before it happens. No serial killer is safe, because Scott knows when and where they will strike, and he will be there waiting.

The Reset Life of Cassandra Collins

Cassandra Collins hit the birth lottery - she is the daughter of the wealthiest family in Middle Falls. And yet, at 18, she is forced to make a choice; to strike out on her own to attend the college she wants or choose a life of sheltered safety. As so many would, she chooses safety but always wonders what her life would have been like. At the end of a safe, contented life, she passes away, then opens her eyes on the cusp of that same decision.

The Tribulations of Ned Summers

A murder mystery in Middle Falls! Ned’s first date is a memorable one, because the girl he goes out with his found murdered, and he is the last person to see her. He isn’t arrested for the crime, but the town convicts him with public opinion. Ned moves out of town and lives a hermit’s life in the forest. When he grows old and dies, he opens his eyes on the day before that fateful date. Can Ned unwind the mystery and stop the murder?

The Middle Falls Time Travel books are all made so they can be listened to in any order.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
MacLeod Andrews, Candace Thaxton, Chris Ciulla
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