Places of Power: A Book About Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Mind, Body, Aura and Alternative Spiritual Holistic Healing (Unabridged) Places of Power: A Book About Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Mind, Body, Aura and Alternative Spiritual Holistic Healing (Unabridged)

Places of Power: A Book About Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Mind, Body, Aura and Alternative Spiritual Holistic Healing (Unabridged‪)‬

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Ljubisa Stojanovic is a Doctor of Energy Information Sciences, an academic, active member of the International Academy of Energy-Informative Sciences. Since 1986, he has completely devoted himself to research and healing within the field of spiritual healing energies. Mr. Stojanovic has produced a line of his own healing products of energy medicine, talismans, family guardian, five sorts of creams, healing patch, and photographs.

In the summer of 1997, while I was deeply meditating, quite surprisingly I received information about a place of power, the one that I had not heard of until then. This place is situated in a temple in Jaipur, a place 200 kilometers south of New Delhi. It came to existence 138,000 ago, when the human civilization was still in deep darkness, and it is still active today. It is the strongest place of power in the world, the one about which I will obtain detailed data and the one I must visit soon. In the end I was told that in deep meditation I will be given knowledge about the places of power that will lead me to the causes of the emergence, development, essence, and importance of the places of power regarding the development of the human civilization. That knowledge is holy, for one can not obtain it by using human research methods. It can only be transferred through spiritual beings.

The transfer of the knowledge regarding the places of power took place almost on a daily basis starting from January 1, 1998, and lasted for two months.

The knowledge I was given taught me that the development of the human race can be divided into two periods: Before and after human contact with luminous bodies (special spiritual energies), and places of power. Before the contact, the human race was developing in a natural way, like all the other living beings. After the contact, the development of every individual has accelerated dramatically due to the aid of the luminous bodies, which activated the creativity and developed the intelligence of people. In this way the human race has developed tens of thousands of times during the last 140,000 years, instead of just twice like the other most developed animal species. Big civilizations or nations responsible for the rise of the general level of human intelligence such as Mayas, Aztecs, Romans and others, were launched at places of power. The Creator gave a task to the places of power and they have been carrying it out ever since.

Places of power have a task, among others, to regenerate the Earth’s aura, and by doing so, reduce the danger of cataclysms and destruction of all living beings. The role of the places of power is to protect all the planets in the solar system and be of help in its preservation.

During the spring, after I had contacted the spiritual being and the place of power in Jaipur, I was led to a decision to take my family over there in September this year, this included a smaller group of people who had been using my method of meditation.

I will be given very important incentives for my development over there. This will also happen to the other members of the group, of course, in accordance with their levels of development.

However, I had to meet a condition in order to make this visit useful for my development: Before I start the journey I must write a book called Places of Power!

Although I was very tightly scheduled and had little time, I accepted this challenge in order to give myself and the group members a chance to connect to this important link of our spiritual development.

Never has a man been so close to the possibility to advance his development as he was now, when he found out about the existence, contents, and purpose of the places of power.

James McCallion
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