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Although born in New Zealand, Dolf De Roos started kindergarten in Europe and went on to attend school in several countries. While at the University of Canterbury studying electrical and electronic engineering, he realized that engineers were not always wealthy. 

Dolf turned his attention to studying the rich and working out what they had in common. He discovered that what they did not have in common was age, gender, race, creed, country of origin, education, or rich parents. However, rich people invariably did have one thing in common. They either made their money through property or held wealth in property. 

Although going on to gain a PhD, Dolf planned his life around this important discovery and began investing in real estate. To this day he has never had a job. As his success with making money from property became apparent, Dolf was cajoled into sharing the "why" and "how" of his style of property investing. He has run public seminars throughout the world. He has trained real estate agents and written and published four best-selling property books. Dolf had introduced software to analyze investment properties. 

This audio is a live recording of Dr. Dolf De Roos' Property Investor's School. What the Property Investor's School covers:

How to spot a property with a twist 
Finding the deal of the decade 
How to analyze a property quickly to determine if it's for you 
How to determine where to look in your territory 
How to choose a real estate agent to work with 
How to borrow more than the purchase with the bank's approval 
Buying well/financing well 
How to apply for a mortgage with a little change of failing 
How to construct clauses in an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate that work in your favor 
How to make your offer extremely appealing to the seller 
When to give a little more and when to stand your ground on an offer 
How to structure the settlement and possession of your property 
How to write and present the Proposal for Finance 
Managing for profit 
How to massively increase the value of your real estate without spending much money 
How to manage your property effectively and efficiently 
How to get tradesmen to do your work first, always 
Show you ever sell? What if it's a dud deal from the past? 
What to look for in a commercial property 
The differences between commercial and residential property 
How to ready the commercial lease contract 
How to keep commercial tenants 
How to enjoy the fruits of your past efforts

Bonus...we are delighted to bring to you "Discussions with Dolf."

Dolf de Roos
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