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The ideas behind energy fields in the human body go back thousands of years. The concepts have crossed regional and culture borders, and have transcended time itself. The core ideas behind Reiki appear multiple times through history because it is a proof, a sign that there are energy fields that surround us all.

This book will serve as your guide to Reiki. You will learn how you can detect your body's energy field, what that energy field dictates, and how you can improve your general health and well-being through energy field manipulation. It might sound like pseudoscience, but reports have confirmed that medical patients that undergo Reiki therapy far outperform their non-practicing counterparts in mental health and physical recovery time.

You too can enjoy the benefits and advantages of Reiki. Whether you want to simply learn how energy fields work, learn how to manipulate your own energy field, or learn how energy fields relate to each other, you will find essential information in this book that will help you on your journey to understanding Reiki and how it can benefit your life. You will learn about the seven points in our bodies that dictate our spiritual, mental, and physiological well-being. You will learn how these points interact with one another and how they determine the level of enjoyment you get out of life.

By the time you are finished with this book you will have the essential foundation necessary to find a Reiki practitioner or practice it on yourself. It is time to stop wondering about metaphysical energy fields and to dive first hand into a beginners guide on how it all works. You can improve your life and lives of those around you by being more in sync with yourself and your surroundings. Learn the secrets of Reiki and improve your life today!

Religion und Spiritualität
Stef P. Durham
Std. Min.
20. September
Emerald Moon

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