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Would you like to know more about healthy and delicious recipes written by a specialized dietitian in kidney diseases? Keep listening....

The kidneys are a powerhouse of the human body, which affect our vitamin D, manage fluids and mineral levels in our bloodstream, remove toxins and waste from the body, and more. 

However, many people develop chronic kidney disease, which causes slowly worsening kidney damage, eventually leading to kidney failure if it is allowed to continue. 

Not only that, but if a person has high blood pressure or diabetes, this will only worsen their kidney health. Thankfully, studies have shown that chronic kidney disease can be managed by making better diet and lifestyle choices.

By adopting the kidney disease diet, which is formulated specifically for chronic kidney disease, many people are able to stop the progression of their disease and prevent kidney failure.

In Renal Diet Cookbook, Dr. Robert Porter will give you brief and easy-to-understand information about kidney function, chronic kidney disease, and new approaches to treatment on the horizon and now being made available.

Dr. Elizabeth Torres uses her specialty (dietitian specialized in renal diet) to share recipes specifically for the kidney disease diet, complete with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and nutritional information.

In this book, you will find:

Details on the power of the human kidneys, including the ability to synthesize vitamin D, remove toxins from the blood, manage fluid and mineral levels, and produce urine
How chronic kidney disease impacts kidneys, affecting their daily functioning and causing increased damage over time
The five stages of chronic kidney disease and how each one affects your health differently
A list of foods that you should avoid and those that you can enjoy
Offering hope with new cures, therapies, and medications made recently available and those that are still in the research stage
How to successfully treat your kidney disease through your diet, whether you are in stage one or stage five
Over 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks, sides, breads, and desserts
Trustworthy information and recipes provided by two doctors.
And more...

Even people who have already developed kidney failure can benefit from this diet, as it can decrease mortality risks.

“No longer do you have to simply wait for your kidney health to deteriorate; you can take the steps for better health and a better life today.” (Dr. Elizabeth Torres, Dr. Robert Porter)

You will love these recipes, their ease, how they can benefit your health, and their flavor. These recipes are truly delicious, making the kidney disease diet enjoyable.

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