Stag Queen: FBI Files, Book 6 (Unabridged) Stag Queen: FBI Files, Book 6 (Unabridged)

Stag Queen: FBI Files, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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FBI special agent Max Prince is about to be married to the man of his dreams, Dr. Leo Reeves, his partner at home and work. Best of all, their friends and drag queens, Flay and Trey, have volunteered to throw them the stag party of their lives and let’s just say, the queens have something special planned in Vegas.

The last thing Leo expected was to meet and fall in love with a Prince when he came out to Los Angeles to take a criminal profiling job. Fortunately, his gorgeous partner was totally irresistible. Flash forward a year and a half, and Leo is ready to happily strut down the aisle and marry the man who wants to commit himself to him. When he and Max agree that Flay and Trey—the cute drag queens who live next door—should plan their bachelor party, Leo realizes it’s him who needs to be committed. Only an insane person would agree to such silliness.

As the couple and all their work colleagues gather in a Nevada desert for their surprise bachelor party, the last thing they expect is to be thrust into the path of danger once again. This weekend is supposed to be full of fun, indulgence, maybe a party with a little too much to drink, and men in thongs. Instead, they get threats from an unexpected source with strange weapons, a once in a lifetime storm, and possible exposure to radiation.

Leo and Max should have learned by now that nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to two crazy drag queens, their insane clown posse of friends from the ATF, and Mother Nature who is hell bent on drowning all their butts. Join our boys for what may turn out to be either the best time they’ve ever had…or their final adventure.

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