Stage Fright to Stage Flight: 10 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking Stage Fright to Stage Flight: 10 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Stage Fright to Stage Flight: 10 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Would you like to permanently overcome stage fright and be confident when giving your next presentation? Do you want to learn how to never again feel awkward or uncomfortable on stage? Perhaps you want the secrets used by top speakers that get genuine standing ovations and leave their audience wanting more?

Best-selling author Dawn Jones presents Stage Fright to Stage Flight, 10 to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking:
Learn what NOT to do the day you are scheduled to speak
Discover how to connect with your audience within the first 3-minutes of your speech, EVERYTIME
Obtain the secret motivator that propels you beyond your fear of public speaking
Acquire the understanding of how to take your audience on a journey in their senses
Left Brain, Right Brain, which to use when LIVE with your audience
Never again wing-it! Learn how to confidently and consistently prepare your speech
Identify how to turn your presentation from flat to fabulous!
Use this one technique to discover what your audience wants BEFORE you step on the stage
Three things to NEVER do to your audience
Find 5 of these to connect with before your presentation to help overcome stage fright
Understand this one vital intention about your speech and gain immediate confidence
Do this one thing when you meet people at your venue that will cause them to LOVE you on stage
Practice makes permanent—breaking the habit of stage fright
How to get into the zone with this one technique
How to get a genuine standing ovation
Learn the big secrets of top professional speakers like Anthony Robbins and you’ll find out how great speakers like Zig Ziglar deliver such powerful presentations with ease. Have your audience absolutely love you by getting into the zone with techniques used by Tom Jackson. Use this critical Steven Covey habit when conveying stories in your speech.This is a MUST HAVE program for everyone who delivers presentations. Watch your confidence soar as you listen to this audio before every speech and watch the butterflies of stage fright fly away.

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