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Few things are as taboo and forbidden as fantasizing about the man who raised you, but what happens when one seasoned lover is just not enough? Your answer lies here, within Taken by the Men Who Raised Me: Dark and Twisted Mega Bundle, a collection of hardcore g******g stories that push the edges of extreme erotica. Can these hot, young college girls handle the man of the house and his horny buddies all at the same time?

The Cult

It's been five years since Madison left behind her sex cult past, but the perverse and taboo fantasies of that time still linger with her, haunting her thoughts.

Now, the man who raised Madison is calling once again with an explicit offer that will bring her face to face with the older men of her past in a ruthless, hardcore g******g. Will Madison have what it takes to satisfy a whole gang of the men who raised her at the sex cult compound?

The Home Movie

The man who raised Gillian loves to make home movies, but it's not until Gillian unknowingly becomes the star of her own porno that she realizes just how taboo their relationship has gotten.

It's not long before Gillian is making a movie of her own, and showing it for all of the men who raised her. The next thing she knows, Gillian is thrust into the taboo, forbidden g******g that she never knew she wanted!

The Basement

Monica has never been allowed down into the basement, which has affectionately been dubbed "the man cave" by the men who raised her. An alluring place of mystery, there's something about the neon beer signs, bikini girl posters, and green felt pool table that has always fascinated Monica.

Eventually though, that fascination evolves into fantasy. Now all grown up, Monica sneaks down into the basement with the intent of secretly getting herself off and quelling her strange feelings once and for all. Instead, she finds herself in a hardcore g******g with the men of the house.

And much more!

Amber Paige
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1. Dezember
Amber Paige