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In a compilation of conversations from The Climb podcast, journalist Jenniffer Weigel and filmmaker Marcia Kimpton take a deep dive into the story behind the headlines of many successful individuals who are changing the world. From business to the arts to the environment and social justice, every success story has unique challenges. The Climb conversations show how tenacity and dedication can produce incredible results, and will leave you informed and inspired to make a difference. What’s your Climb?

Bela Gandhi - founder of The Smart Dating Academy - talks about how she went from climbing the ladder in corporate America to helping people find love.

Belinda Chang talks about the challenges of being one of the few female sommeliers in America, and her journey as a James Beard Award winner and expert in the food and wine industry.

Kat Taylor - founder of Beneficial Bank - discusses how a bank can and should support the community.

Lilli Rey - a humanitarian who works tirelessly to help families at the border with Mexico - shares insights on what we can do help.

Naomi McDougall Jones is a writer, actress, and co-producer of the film Bite Me.

Chloe Orwell - lead singer of The Handcuffs - talks about her successful creative journey in the male-dominated music industry.

Dorri McWhorter - a socially conscious international business leader - is dedicated to improving the world by empowering women to engage, inspire, and succeed.

Dr. Kathryn Guylay - an author, nutrition expert, and mental health advocate - is helping people transform their lives.

Noreen Heron talks all about her passion for marketing and finding joy in shining the light on her clients. 

Dr. Judith Orloff digs deep into the power of intuition, how her family tried to prevent her from opening up her psychic abilities, and how embracing her empathic “super powers” helped her thrive.

Dr. Therese Rowley discusses the feminization of currency, the Conscious Business Network, and creating sustainable changes within corporate America. 

Elizabeth Winkler talks about how she combines mindfulness and meditation in her therapy sessions with children and adults in order to allow them to find long-lasting personal growth and expansion. 

Alison Dale - founder of Flipcause - is on a mission to empower small nonprofits to engage their communities and fund their causes, regardless of budget or technical ability.

Jennifer Connor - founder of Mustard Girl mustard - discusses her Climb from unknown condiment creator to getting her all-natural product in grocery stores across the country.

Germaine Caprio is an advocate for the garment industry, creating organic and sustainable products to be proud of.

Julie Murphy is a money expert discussing the energy behind our relationship with money and abundance, and how by healing ourselves, we can create more wealth in every category of our lives.

Marilynn Preston, a wellness columnist and author of All Is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being.

Laura Plumb - certified Ayurvedic practitioner, best-selling author, teacher, nutrition coach, and yogini - discusses how she came to live in a place of “awe”. 

Kathy Eldon - best-selling author, journalist, filmmaker, and incredible visionary, talks about her Climb from having everything to losing it all, and how she bounced back stronger than ever. 

Jenniffer Weigel, Marcia Kimpton
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