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Have you ever been labeled as someone who is “too sensitive”, “a loner” or “unable to fit in”? Do you constantly feel waves of others’ emotions crashing into you? Do people tell you you need to “grow thicker skin”? Do social settings make you feel exhausted or dizzy? Do you feel like you need to constantly seek quiet spaces to reenergize? 

If you answered yes, then you may well carry the great blessing and power of being an empath.

If you find it uncomfortable to be highly sensitive and empathic, the first thing to realize is that it's okay to be highly sensitive! You’re not weird, and you are not alone. Your sensitivity can be a unique and powerful gift once you recognize it for what it is.

This wide-ranging book includes a comprehensive self-assessment section to help you define and understand your unique empathic gift. You’ll also find powerful techniques for protecting yourself against the overwhelming energies that are constantly fighting to drag you down. 

Which means you can feel more in control of your emotions, without the struggles you’ve been used to!

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

The four things you should know about empaths before you get started 
Understanding why you feel “different” from other people
Why just “growing thick skin” is hurting your progress - and what to do instead
How to get control of your emotions, without the pain
How to protect yourself from others draining your energy
Five harmful myths your friends have told you about being a “highly sensitive person”
The biggest mistake people make in dealing with their empathic gift - and how you fully embrace yours
The three best tips and tricks to help you on your empathic journey 
And much, much more! 

In The Survival Guide for Empaths, you will find the gentle and loving ways Suzanne and Ian offer to guide a new empath through their journey. The Survival Guide for Empaths will help lead your spirit to embrace the many blessings of being an empath. It will help open up new opportunities for you to live your life of abundance.

So if you have a burning desire to learn the secrets of embracing your gift, then scroll up and buy to get started today!

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