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Collecting even more tales of hardcore, gay, beastly gangbangs, Turned Gay By Monsters is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to walk on the wild side. These stories include straight to gay turning, rough sex, gangbangs, double anal, dubious consent, mind, bukkake, cream pies and monster sex.

Zombie G******g

It's been almost a year since the zombie outbreak began, and hope in a cure has almost entirely faded. The last chance lies deep within a science bunker that ceased communication long ago, after researchers started developing a mutation of the zombie virus that affected lust instead of rage.

Once Karl makes it inside the lab, he quickly realizes that he might have bitten off much more than he can chew. Running out of options, Karl soon finds himself succumbing to a swarm of gay g******g zombies who want more than his brains; they want his ass!

Kraken G******g

When Jason boards a small fishing boat on the way to San Francisco Bay, he has no idea the erotic horror that awaits along his journey, or deep beneath the waves.

After the crew regales him with tales of massive, squid-like beasts, Jason is suddenly left on the boat alone for the evening and discovers that the stories are all too real. Soon he finds himself in the middle of a ruthless gay kraken g******g, and loving every second of it!

Sharkman G******g

Aaron is a criminal by trade, a professional thief and swindler with his sights set on one last score before turning his life around and going legit.

Going solo, he breaks into the home of renowned deep-sea explorer and television personality Norman White in search of set of rare pearls. After falling into a tank in Dr. White's personal aquarium, however, Aaron finds a very different kind of pearl necklace.

Now he's stuck trying to break out instead of break in, and the only way is through a gay sharkman g******g.

Hank Wilder
Std. Min.
31. August
Hank Wilder