You Are Not Alone

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Millions of people across the world are affected by mental illness every year. Yet the mental healthcare industry remains chaotic, underfunded, and often inaccessible, with many people asking themselves the same questions: What does it mean when different doctors give me different diagnoses? Will I be on medication my whole life? Will I ever feel better?

Too many of us are confused, afraid and overwhelmed. Families and friends are often left in the dark about how best to help their loved ones, from dealing with logistical issues to handling the emotional challenges of loving someone who is suffering.

You Are Not Alone is here to offer help and compassion. Written by Dr Ken Duckworth, whose own entry into psychiatry and journey to become the Chief Medical Officer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness was inspired by his father's lifelong battle with bipolar disorder, this comprehensive guide pairs medical expertise with the empathy of someone who gets it.

This book shares:

Relatable first-person stories that illustrate the diversity of mental health journeys

Practical guidance on dealing with mental health conditions, and navigating care

Research-based evidence on what treatments and approaches work

Insight and advice from renowned clinical experts and practitioners

This singular book is a powerful reminder that help is here, and you are never alone.

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