You, Inc.: Creating Your Life as a Free Agent

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Discover the tools that will help you realize the freedom and fulfillment of working for yourself!

The leap from corporate team player to individual entrepreneur can be the most exhilarating and rewarding move you'll ever make - if you know where you' re going, which steps to take, the pitfalls to avoid, and what to look for when you get to the other side.

In You, Inc.: Creating Your Life as a Free Agent, award winning author and small business expert Terri Lonier and her panel of experts give you all this information and much more as she guides you through the transformation to independent enterprise that more than a million people are making each year.

Drawing on her own 20-plus years as an independent professional and the real-life experiences of clients who have successfully made the transition into free agency, Terri Lonier gives you a detailed, comprehensive, candid look at what it takes to survive - and thrive - as a solo entrepreneur, whatever your profession, ideas, or interests may be.

Woven into her exploration are lively interviews with four of today's brightest, most experienced experts on the shift to free agency: Guy Kawasaki, Gail Blanke, William Bridges, and Daniel Pink. They shed a fascinating light on the ins and outs of today's biggest and most important economic trend people find themselves in either voluntarily or involuntarily - that of the free agent.

Your A-to-Z guide for transitioning to solo enterprise.

You, Inc.: Creating Your Life as a Free Agent will also show you:
The four essential attributes shared by all successful free agents Five ideas for maintaining free agent flexibility How to stay prepared for sudden change and respond effectively to external factors that can affect your business The nuts and bolts of creating a business plan, including seven components you must include Three approaches for turning great ideas into successful free agent enterprises How you can enjoy the responsibilities and rewards of free agency without leaving your current job And much, much more!
Whether free agency is a far-off dream, the next logical step on your career path, or somewhere in between, you'll find your starting point in this practical, informative guide. From laying the groundwork to walking the path of the free agent, You, Inc.: Creating Your Life as a Free Agent gives you all the information you need to make a successful move out of the traditional corporate structure and into the flexibility and fulfillment of independent business.

Terri Lonier
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