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15 Minute Pause is an inspirational playbook that explores where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. It's a call to action to dream big, increase your self-care, re-discover the joy-gems in your life, and reclaim time by stepping into your personal power through daily pauses.

This whitespace and activities provide an opportunity to:
Identify your top 10 innate gifts and learn how to celebrate them
Take the Life Energy Inventory and learn which 7 key life areas need recharging and what to do if you are depleted.
Find out how the sabotaging "Meddler" voice in your head wreaks havoc in your life and take control to engage the positive "Player" voice to live more joyfully.
Learn how to pause with over 100 ideas in 15 minutes or less.

Research shows that we are more stressed than ever and that positive thinkers are healthier, happier and more successful. The uplifting quotes, tips and i-Matter Equation guide readers to create small daily rituals that allow you to step off the stress-treadmill of life. Authors show you how taking a daily pause helps you respond to life's challenges with more ease and maintain a more positive attitude along the way. It's your personal coach and cheerleader for living a more joy-filled, meaningful and energized life.

Drawing on nearly twenty years of Fortune 500 consulting and coaching experience, Michelle Burke, Author of The Valuable Office Professional, observed that today's 24/7 lifestyle has become increasingly hectic and stressful negatively impacting work/life balance. Michelle partnered with co-author, Lilamani de Silva, former AP for Discovery Channel to share their personal pausing stories, aha's, insights and step by step solutions for living with less stress and more joy.

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