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This is a comprehensive history of Army intelligence from George Washington (America's First Spymaster) through the Civil War, World War I and II, and Desert Storm, with over 700 pages of exciting narrative. The dedication reads: "MI soldiers have been the harbingers of the Age of Information throughout the 20th century. They have recognized early, spurred on by the urgency of military contingencies, that information is the lifeblood of military operations and they sought to devise more and better ways to collect and disseminate intelligence. Since the days of the Revolutionary War when George Washington, starved for information about his enemy's intentions, ordered spies to send reports to him exclusively by express courier, intelligence-minded officers in the U.S. Army have inventively ushered in the Age of Information. Thaddeus S. C. Lowe unspooled a telegraph wire from the basket of his balloon in 1861 so that he could pass along his observations instantaneously. Benjamin Foulois, suspended in his Army Aeroplane No. 1 from the ceiling of a Chicago Exposition hall, sent the first wireless message to the ground below in 1910. In the DESERT STORM operations of 1991, TV pictures of battle damage were viewed by millions of Americans hours after the air strikes had taken place. From Valley Forge to the Basra Valley, from lanterns in church bell towers to TROJAN SPIRIT, the intelligence-minded have relied upon their resourcefulness to send out their early warnings. They are the cognoscenti of the Information Age. As we turn the corner into the 21st century, their day has come."

Contents include:

George Washington: America's First Spymaster; Army Intelligence at Yorktown: Catalyst to Victory; Deserter in Ranks The Civil War; Military Intelligence Sources During American Civil War; Confederate Espionage, Indian Wars; The Apache Campaign Under General Crook.

Military Information Division: Origin of Intelligence Division; Spanish-American War; Intelligence in Peace: A Historical Example: Military Information Division (MID) in Cuba, 1906-1909; World War I Era; United States Army Intelligence School, France, 1918; Army Counterintelligence in CONUS - World War I Experience; MID and German Spy in Arizona; Army COMSEC; Aerial Reconnaissance-Its Beginning; Invasion of the Ether: Radio Intelligence at Battle of St. Mihiel; Brief History of Signal Intelligence Service.

World War II Era - Pearl Harbor; Army Signals Intelligence; Enigma Cipher Machine; Assignment with Third United States Army, Special Research History; Auschwitz - Birkenau; Eisenhower and Intelligence; Intelligence in the Philippines; Battle of the Bulge: The Secret Offensive; Big Business: Intelligence in Patton's Third Army; Heroic Stand of an Intelligence Platoon: A Symbol of the Combat Ability of MI Soldiers.

Disaster Along the Ch'ongch'on: Intelligence Breakdown in Korea; Spot Report: Intelligence, Vietnam; PERSHING II: Success Amid Chaos; Which Way for Tactical Intelligence After Vietnam; Lessons Learned; Operation URGENT FURY: The 525th MI Group Perspective; JUST CAUSE: Intelligence Support to Special Operations Aviation Operation; Divisional MI Battalion, Nonlinear Battlefield, and AirLand Operations.

DESERT STORM: A Third U.S. Army Perspective; A Division G-2's Perspective of Operation DESERT STORM; Successes and Failures; Joint STARS Goes to War; Deep Attack: A Military Intelligence Task Force in DESERT STORM * XVIII Airborne Corps Desert Deception * Battlefield TECHINT: Support of Operations DESERT SHIELD STORM

History of American Military Intelligence: Selected Literature; UAVs-Where We Have Been; History of Security Monitoring; Moveable Beast: The Travels of the MI Sphinx; Uncertain Oracle: Intelligence Failures Revisited; History of U.S. Army Military Intelligence Training; Heraldry.

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