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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, Legal Support to the Operational Army is the Army's manual for operational legal doctrine. This manual provides authoritative doctrine and practical guidance for commanders, judge advocates, legal administrators, and paralegal Soldiers across the spectrum of conflict. It outlines how The Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAGC) will be organized in accordance with the Army's modular force design. It also discusses the delivery of legal support to the modular force. This manual establishes a foundation for Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAGC) personnel to build upon to provide principled counsel and mission focused legal support to the operational Army. It establishes an understanding of the roles and responsibilities that JAGC personnel have both between different legal offices at different levels of command and between the legal section and the staff of the supported command; all in support of the commander and the Army.

The purpose of this manual is to assist commanders and judge advocates in assigning roles and responsibilities for legal support in the unique areas of operations encountered in this era of persistent conflict. This manual is not intended to provide detailed guidance on every situation that judge advocates will encounter in a deployed environment whether overseas or within the United States. That is not the goal. Just as Army leaders and forces must respond to a broad range of threats under conditions of uncertainty by exercising operational adaptability to accomplish missions, so too must judge advocates.

Chapter 1 * LEGAL SUPPORT TO OPERATIONS: AN OVERVIEW * The Judge Advocate General's Corps Mission * Legal Issues in Operations * The Evolution of Operational Law * The Judge Advocate's Role * The Legal Administrator's Role * The Paralegal Soldier's Role * The Civilian Attorney's Role * Chapter 2 * FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF ARMY DOCTRINE * Army Doctrine Fundamental Concepts * Decisive Action and Unified Land Operations * The Warfighting Functions * The Operations Process * Chapter 3 * REQUIREMENTS IN THE MODULAR FORCE * Transformation * Brigade Combat Teams * The Division * The Corps * Theater Sustainment Command * Theater Army * The Judge Advocate General's Corps Materiel Requirements * Chapter 4 * ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES, AND WORKING RELATIONSHIPS * Working Relationships and Professional Responsibility Considerations * Brigade Legal Section * The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate * The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate-Brigade Legal Section Relationship * U.S. Army Trial Defense Service * The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate-U.S. Army Trial Defense Service Relationship * Centers * Chapter 5 * THE CORE LEGAL DISCIPLINES * Military Justice * International and Operational Law * Administrative and Civil Law * Contract and Fiscal Law * Claims * Legal Assistance * Chapter 6 * PLANNING * The Judge Advocate General's Corps Support to Planning * The Planning Process * Design * The Military Decisionmaking Process * Appendix A * ARMY RESERVE LEGAL STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION * Appendix B * NATIONAL GUARD LEGAL STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION * Appendix C * RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, RULES FOR THE USE OF FORCE, AND TARGETING * Appendix D * DETAINEE OPERATIONS * Appendix E * STABILITY OPERATIONS * Appendix F * RULE OF LAW * Appendix G * CIVIL AFFAIRS UNITS * Appendix H * DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES OPERATIONS * Appendix I * FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND DEPLOYMENT CONTRACTING * Appendix J * SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES * Appendix K * SECURITY FORCE ASSISTANCE * Appendix L * LESSONS LEARNED * GLOSSARY * REFERENCES

As a bonus, this reproduction includes the complete 2012 Army Leadership manual (FM 6-22), which describes the Army's view of leadership, outlines the levels of leadership (direct, organizational, and strategic), and describes the attributes and core leader competencies across all levels.

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