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Social networks are no fad. They’re a permanent reality: one that offers immense opportunities to smart, innovative businesses. Now, top social networking consultant Juliette Powell reveals how dozens of innovators are driving real ROI through
social networks–and how you can, too.

Powell’s wide-ranging research, including coverage on Barack Obama's successful online strategy in his bid for the presidency, focuses on technology, media and gaming companies, leaders in fashion, beauty, publishing, finance, retail, event planning, and beyond. These powerful narratives illuminate the reality of doing business on today’s social networks as never before. Through them, Powell introduces new best practices, shows how to avoid crucial pitfalls, and helps you prepare for the newest trends in online social networking.

Drawing on the latest research, Powell connects the dots, uncovering the human dynamics and patterns that consistently underlie successful social networking initiatives. Along the way, she offers practical tools and advice for optimizing every stage of your own social networking initiative–from planning through measurement, and beyond.

Getting on, getting started, and making social networks work for you
Defining and implementing your optimal social networking strategy

Leveraging the amazing power of the microcelebrity
Achieving worldwide impact in the niche that matters to you

Transforming social and cultural capital into financial capital
Be generous, build your trusted personal network–and discover all you get in return

Profiting from the knowledge you never knew you had
Opening your organization’s own social networking channels– inside and out

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2. November
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