A Crown of His Loving Kindness

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Like a simmering stream in the hot, barren, and dry desert, flowing from the oasis, giving life to the cool Palm trees, so providing a refreshing haven, for nomads & their flocks: Or like starlight and moonlight under the big canopy of dark nights ! So it is with the Supernatural and the Miracles of God, making their presence felt, from the inception of Man, since Adam and Eve, in the Splendor of the Garden of Eden !

The relationship between God the Mankind, continued despite Adam's Fall; God still yearned for us, spanning rainbows over the Sky
saying, I Love you, culminating in His sending Jesus Christ, His Son
to a cruel death on the Cross, redeeming us from the penalty of
our sins 2000 years' ago!

Now, we are made right with God, reconnected and having fellowship
with Him, and with one another! At times He intervened in Nations
and individuals alike, stoking the fires of Spiritual Renewals, as the Light
is low, and the Fire of Love and Zeal is waning!

It is not surprising therefore, when God, moves Supernaturally and in the Miraculous in our lives, when we call upon Him in earnest, as in a
crisis! He says,I will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews13:5b) ! And, as if to dispel any lingering doubt or fear, again God says:

GO! therefore into All the World.....and LO! I Am
With you always, even unto the Ends of The Earth!
(Matthew 28 : 20)

Religion und Spiritualität
6. April
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