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Albert Fish was a rapist, a child killer and a cannibal who not satisfied with the torture and murders of his young victims would write to the parents to detail all of the vile things he did to the children. One such letter in this book. Albert Fish may have been the sickest serial killer to ever live. He would keep his young victims alive for days and beat them constantly to tenderize their flesh for cooking.

John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown, who raped and murdered young men then buried their bodies beneath his home.

The Hillside Stranglers were a pair of cousins who for months terrorized the state of California. These two sadistic creatures would kidnap women, rape them and then strangle them to death before dumping their bodies along hillsides. No one would be safe from them, prostitutes, students, and children would be targeted by them. Rarely in the history of the world has two men worked so effectively together as killers.

Carl Panzram bragged about murdering twenty-one men. He claimed to have raped over one thousand men and boys. This evil creature promised to kill anyone who bothered him and keeping that promise with the murder of a fellow inmate finally got him the death penalty that he deserved.

The Boston Strangler Albert Henry DeSalvo terrorized a major America city. The rapes and murders that were committed between 1962-64 are legendary. Thirteen women were sexually assaulted and strangled between the ages of  19 -85 years of age.

Russian serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo murdered at least fifty-two women and children. This Russian madman had free rein for almost two decades to prey on the innocent because he lived in a country that until he came along refused to believe that a serial killer could exist there.

H.H. Holmes is considered by many to be America's first serial killer. This man confessed to twenty-seven murders, but the actual number could be over two hundred murders. Men, women, children, his family members, his children, friends and enemies, no one was off limits to this man who actually earned a degree as a medical doctor.

The second volume of my series on serial killers will introduce you to the women who committed serial killings. These evil women are every bit as cruel and ruthless as their male counterparts. There is a myth that men are the only ones who engage in this type of behavior, sadly that is only a myth as you will learn after reading about only a few of the women who have committed serial killings.

I am going to introduce you to a few well-known killers such as Elizabeth Bathory, A.K.A, the Countess of blood. Aileen Wuornos a woman who inspired the film Monster. Leslie Van Houten, a woman who committed murder for Charles Manson. Jane Toppan, a nurse, who killed dozens of her patients. Amelia Dyer, the baby farm murderer, killed hundreds of newborns. Yes, I said hundreds.

Delfina and Maria de Gonzales murdered an estimated 91 to 110 men, women and fetuses from the 1950s until 1963.

Debra Brown was the willing accomplice, and Alton Coleman was the vicious killer. Both African-American, they preyed upon other black people, thinking it would be harder for them to be caught.

Carol M. Bundy and Doug Clark, known to the public as the Sunset Strip Killers. The team of serial killers conducted their killing spree during the summer of 1980. By the time it was over, Bundy and Clark were responsible for the deaths of at least nine people.

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