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Backed by powerful, rich men in Moscow, General Nikolai Petrosky has been brought back from disgrace and a dead-end assignment and placed in charge of Pandora.
His mission, to capture a creature once thought to be only a myth. A Krailiak. Proof has come into Petrosky's hands that the Krailiaki are not myth, but very real. They are highly intelligent bipedal Predators who pre-date mankind. Krailiaki can heal even major wounds very quickly and their life-spans are measured in centuries. Pure predators, they shun technology and view humans as little more than something to be hunted and killed.
Petrosky is determined to capture one and unlock the secrets of Krailiaki long life spans and healing abilities and other abilities. The Krailiaki have a chameleon-like ability to match their skin to surroundings. Tough, armored plates protect vital organs. Krailiaki use no technology and despise the human race.
For Petrosky, uncovering these secrets is the road to the wealth and power he craves.
As Mankind multiplies and spreads across the planet however, the Krailiaki species is forced into hiding. While humans multiply, they also continue to develop more sophisticated weapons. Weapons that can harm or even kill a Krailiak at a distance.
Then, one is captured, only to escape after horrendous experiments. When Plant 4 at Chernobyl goes critical, power is cut to Wellspring and the Krailiak escapes, wreaking havoc on the underground lab, releasing numerous deadly pathogens into the air circulation system of the seven underground levels of Wellspring. The outbreak even reaches the surface through exhaust vents. Every human below ground and above ground at the base dies.
The Krailiak is free. His healing abilities easily handle the deadly pathogens filling the air and killing every living thing in the base.
There will be a price for what has been done to the Krailiak. He is an Elder of his species and is going to make the miserable little human-things pay for what has been done to him. His is a long-lived race and he will spend the next few years learning everything he can about Pandora's sprawling underground facilities.
When the time is right, he will issue a call for a Gathering. Once the rulers of the Krailiaki, known as the D'mina Eight, know what has been done to the Elder, they will approve the Call to Gathering and warriors will come.
While dealing with the threat of the Krailiaki, Petrosky also wants the traitor in his organization. He has a name. The name of the shadowy figure behind much of Petrosky's problems above ground.
Petrosky sets a trap for Elijah. He wants the mysterious man taken prisoner so Petrosky can find out just who inside Pandora has betrayed him.
Elijah and a large group of hired mercenaries take the bait Petrosky dangles and gather at an old riverine base once used by the KGB.
It is then that Petrosky launches his attack.
That is when McKenzie and his allies launch their own long-planned operation against Petrosky.
McKenzie and Turptz have powerful allies of their own in Moscow. Identified as Cognac Man and Whiskey Man ... (Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev).. They walk a fine and delicate line in opposing the group of shadowy, powerful men backing Petrosky.
As the battle at the river base escalates, nearly one hundred Krailiaki gather near-by. They are watching the puny human-things fight each other and waiting. Waiting for the Elder Caller of the Gathering to signal their own attack.
When he does...the male and female Krailiak warriors swarm into the river base to kill every single human-thing they can find.
Now the battle is not McKenzie's people against Petrosky's soldiers and Elijah's mercenaries.
Now the battle is to survive this night.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
24. Januar
Lee Earlywine

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