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Sally starts her best story. A look at the evolution of technology about 200,000 or so years ago. A sweet story. A little break from the violence. Except for a few conflicts and whatnot. I may make better descriptions later. After the online activities are happening in a big way. Here is the first bit of Sally's story...

The Tree People
It will be a little girl. It is night and the rest of the tribe is sleeping except for her father, the chief, who is watching the embers die down on the fire before he also goes to sleep. She has no mother. There are vague memories and sometimes dreams of a woman she thinks is her mother. Most of her memories are from stories her father has told her.
Anessa and her tribe live in a tree. Not many of their species do. They walk upright and trees aren’t the best place for that. But the tree is very big and it gives them safety.
The tree is so large that the 36 humanoids and their various pets and little gardens all fit comfortably all around and up the tree. Their pets include chickens that periodically lay eggs that are made into wonderful omelets. There are also a few little goats that allow their milk to be tickled out of their tits. The milk is mostly used to make cheese and butter.
The tree has wonderful nuts that aren’t so palatable raw but are delightful when sun baked in clay ovens. The ovens can be heated with wood but since wood means going down to the ground, which is always dangerous, fires are seldom. It is never very cold. There is a nearby river they fish at when no enemies were camped near by. They never stay long and usually took no notice of the tree people because they were up in a tree.
Water is collected from rain and stored in animal skins. It can also be taken from a small stream by lowering a bucket on a long rope. Rope is made from hemp plants. The hemp plants also provide food and clothing as well as medicine. Some of the elders of the tribe use the dried buds, after removing the seeds, to smoke. This is done for improving problem solutions. One of their best ever was the bucket and rope trick. Mostly they planned what to build next to make life better for everyone in the tree. Moving food and supplies were the central concerns for many generations. Quite by accident they discovered tree gardening. They weaved living branches together over years and years, using vines from the forest or making rope, which took a long time but was more flexible and less dangerous. They had harvested hemp in their tree now for generations.
The world was dangerous for the tree people. They were very good at surviving in their tree but all too often they ran into danger on the ground. This had to be the next central topic for the elders of the tree.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
6. März
Steve Howard

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