Alone to Alive. Logosynthesis and the Energy of Beliefs

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Logosynthesis® is an holistic, integrative approach to healing and development, based on the power of words to restore the flow of your life energy. The model offers elegant and effective ways of resolving limiting beliefs and engaging with your life’s dance of love and meaning.

Memories, fantasies, and beliefs are known to be the three most important areas to apply Logosynthesis. Once you have identified one of these three, you can choose the appropriate protocol and resolve what bothers you. You can dissolve a disturbing memory, you can get let go of anxiety, and start to access your potential in the present. However, working on underlying beliefs is definitely the most effective way to free your life energy. Alone to Alive will support you in uncovering limiting beliefs, resolving them, and unfolding the full potential that you arrived with on this planet.

Your current life is based on the sum total of your beliefs. Limiting beliefs lead to unwanted thoughts, negative emotions, and unwanted behaviors. Many people struggle with frustration, depression and a resignation while settling for a less than satisfactory life.  This doesn’t have to be you! This book takes a deep dive into where beliefs come from and how they affect you now.

Alone to Alive offers a completely new way of dealing with the challenges of your mission on Planet Earth. This book helps you to:
- recognize the importance of beliefs in your understanding of the world;
- acquire existing theory and protocols for dealing with beliefs
- gain new insights regarding words and beliefs as patterns of language and energy
- become skilled in new protocols for the radical elimination of deep-seated, disturbing beliefs
- understand advanced ideas about the interaction of language, energy and the power of words
- learn new approaches for transforming the energy bound up in beliefs and redirecting it toward your life purpose
- become aware of the creative power of words and how you can use them to shape your reality
- utilize new protocols for activating your own and others' resources
Dr Willem Lammers and Raya Williams provide stunning examples from their own lives and those of their clients of how Logosynthesis and the power of words works—every single day.

Real change is possible. This book is easy to read and using practical exercises, helps to pinpoint your purpose and your path to fulfilling it. Professionals in guided change can use the theory and the protocols in this book to add a new dimension to their work, even with their most challenging clients. Applying the ideas and protocols in this breathtaking book will transform the deepest roots of your belief system. Alone to Alive will enable you to create a life you may only have dreamed of.

A book comes along with practical answers to the eternal question, ‘How do I become who I’m meant to be?’ Exploring the power of beliefs, what they are, where they come from, and how they shape us and our experiences, Dr. Lammers then offers us a powerful solution: Logosynthesis. His potent addition to the field of Energy Psychology is now applied to the structure of beliefs. If you’re struggling with how to create a life that truly works, the answers are right here. All with a process that is simple, gentle, and astoundingly effective, taught by a person of enormous integrity, wisdom, and kindness. Make Logosynthesis and the practices in this book a part of your healing journey and I know you will discover life is truly working with you. Great purpose and joy await you! 

Kris Ferraro, Energy Coach, Speaker,  Author of Manifesting and the #1 Amazon bestseller Energy Healing

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28. Dezember
Willem Lammers

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