Big Bad Bikers : Bad Boy MC Romance Collection

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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.


Ali is stuck. Stuck in a town as small and dull as most of the people in it. Stuck in a dead end job. And, most of all, stuck in a relationship with Jake. A deadbeat alcoholic who has lately taken to hitting her. It's this frustration that drives her to drink. It's also this frustration which compels her to accept an offer of a drink from Ben. A gorgeous, tattooed member to a club that rivals her boyfriend's. One drink at a little run down bar turns into a weekly tradition. And, though Ali worries about her boyfriend discovering her secret, she finds that she likes Ben too much to care. 

But, when Jake finds out what Ali has been hiding from him, the consequences prove deadly. With a mad, vengeful boyfriend on her tail, Ali has no choice but to turn to Ben for protection. Will Ben be able to keep Ali safe from harm? Will Ali find in Ben what was missing from her relationship with Jake? Or, will Ben turn out to be just another biker with more love for his club than he has for her?

After Hours

Diana is the rising star in her company. Her one problem is that she is incredibly submissive. Run over by her boss and boyfriend, Diana decides to cut lose for once and have a little fun.

But when she meets a handsome young biker in Jersey, she'll need to decide whether to continue being walked all over or be the one who takes life fully by the balls.

Tumbleweed and Daggers

Terry Tumbleweed was having a weird day. The attempted robbery was bad enough. But then the beginning of a war in her parking lot, becoming a target in the same war and then falling for two guys at once - it was not what she had planned for her day, she would have remembered.

Of course she then had to defend herself from all of those things, including her desire for the president and second-in-command of the Daggers. The Daggers were a motorcycle club that counted her store as inside their territory.

If only the Dragons, another club, did not want the territory as well, all things would be good. Of course they did want it and she was the pawn. She just could not figure out if she was the pawn of her desires for love or excitement. Either way, the mixture of Tumbleweed and Daggers would be unpredictable she knew.


Laura ran away to escape her past, and now she lives in a crappy apartment, and works in a dive bar. It isn't ideal, but she's working towards something better, desperately hoping that her past doesn't catch up to her in the process. 

But of course, people in hiding have to come out to play eventually! 

Mac loved Laura from a very young age, and it devastated him to see her fall for another boy in the neighborhood – Fenton. But their relationship was wild, and messed things up big time. Things went badly wrong, and she ran away from her life. With a sudden hole in their lives, Mac and Fenton joined the Stallions – a local motorcycle club. 

One day, fate puts the three of them together again, after many years apart. Only this time, Mac doesn't intend to let his rival win her heart. He wants her for himself, and nothing will stop him. 

As the competition heats up, and starts to lose control; Laura, Fenton, and Mac find themselves teetering dangerously down a crazy, explosive road, and none of them know where it's going to end.

3. September
Total Love Publishing

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