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Dallas, a multimillionare executive at an accounting firm, is longing for a relationship. A swing with destiny has him cross the path of two twins—Hank and Finn, who invite him to a party at their college.

In this sensual short story of 4,600 words, Dallas lets his tie loose, and lets destiny run its course—which involves explicit graphic depictions of sex between two men.


When he rolled down his window, the two ran up and stuck their heads in the car.

"Whoa, sick car!" the one in red said, lusting over the finely-detailed Lotus that Dallas was driving.

"Uh, hi," said the blue one in a disjointed unison of sorts with his red companion, and promptly adopted a wide smile.

Now getting a closer look, it was obvious to Dallas that the two sign-holders were twins—identical twins. And well, rather young. At least, younger than Dallas. College-age—around twenty years old.

"We're doing a survey for our sociology class. We want to figure out with general anonymity the gender ratio of who thinks that Hank, my brother, and I, Finn, are attractive," Finn, the red one offered, filling in the silence from Dallas’s quiet wonder.

Hank revealed the clicker he had in his pocket, proving the story.

"Well," Dallas said, pulling himself together, deciding this was the sign he needed, and coming up with a quick plan, "it's a pleasure to meet you, Finn and Hank. And since you're putting yourselves out there so openly, I might have a question for one of you. Are either of you available, perhaps for a date?"

Both Finn and Hank laughed. Finn, obviously the talkative one, said, "Unfortunately, pal, we don't swing that way."

"But we're both flattered you asked. We really are," Hank added.

"However, there is a university event that you might be interested in attending."  Finn explained their campus LGBT mixer event.

"Well, uh thank you." Dallas said, ending the conversation. "Best that I be headed to work. Good luck with your project."

"Bye!" the twins said.

As Dallas sped off in his car, he couldn't help but notice Hank turn around and watch him drive away.

Belletristik und Literatur
26. April
TKC Publishing

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