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Calisthenic exercises are widely considered to be the most important type of training for the development of athletic performance. Whenever we run, swim, jump, cycle, kick, throw or flip into action, we rely on a number of mechanisms within our bodies to act together in order to complete various movements to the best of our abilities. ‘Calisthenic exercise’ means any exercise that involves using gravity and our own bodyweight as resistance. And there is no calisthenic exercise more versatile than the push-up.

Everyone has something to gain from performing push-ups. Male, female, athlete, fitness enthusiast, or merely someone wishing to improve their fitness, you will find this book to be a bounty of secrets about the push-up that could yield fantastic results in your workouts. The glory is that a push-up-based workout requires minimal time, very little space and virtually no equipment. It fits perfectly into the busy lifestyle most of us have to lead today, and the benefits we can reap from this kind of exercise make it far more valuable than its humble requirements would suggest. 

This book contains 15 great variations of this versatile calisthenic exercise, and shows how you could use them to meet your fitness goals within weeks of starting. 
With diagrams and detailed instructions, this book will set you on the path towards meeting your fitness goals for this year!

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