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Since the beginning of my Jazz Guitar studies, I have been fascinated by Chord Melody technique, mostly because I always aimed to solo performance. I was not able to play the melody and the chords simultaneously, and I thought: "Would it be possible to play both melody and chords together?" And the answer was: "It's impossible. I'm not a pianist!".
Moreover, I had a problem when, on Sundays or for Holydays, my relatives used to come visiting my family. When I was a teenager, I was often asked to play something, but I could play only my favorite solos or chords separately. I just couldn't play a tune suitable for people totally unrelated to Blues or Jazz tunes.
One day, listening to Joe Pass L.P. "Virtuoso", I finally understood that with the Guitar you could really do many things that I would not have imagined until that moment. However, playing through the Chord Melody approach at that level is far from easy. Since then, I started the never ending study of this fascinating technique.

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22. April
Alessio Menconi

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