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Alien's Mail Order Queen

When 30-year-old yoga instructor Freya Reece finds herself buried in debt, she did not have any choice but to sell her mother's old studio and move to a strange planet for a hard-to-resist job offer. But upon arriving at Planet Tryptin, she is shocked to discover that she was actually attending her own wedding—to become the new queen!

Not only was she supposed to pretend to be a queen, but she had to be a wife to King Zaino too who was handsome but was totally obnoxious. Was the high-paying job, impressive title, and luxurious lifestyle worth all the stress and agony?

Eventually, Freya decides to finally find a way to escape and get back to Earth. But when she glimpses of the king's gentle, caring side, her mixed feelings get in the way. Furthermore, as she teaches yoga to the palace workers and the planet's alien warriors, she begins to develop a heart for this new world.

Will she choose freedom over love and her newfound home? And is the love worth fighting for in the first place?

Double Bears

Cynthia loves books and the adventurous lives of the people in them, but she herself lives the normal life of a librarian. Rarely does she ever go out. Most of her days consists of reading and working at the library. That is until she is nearly killed by a man on the run. In fear of her life, she tries to run away and runs smack into the men who are chasing the man who have taken her hostage.

Shaun and Gerald are known in the shapeshifter circle as the Brothers Swagger for they are the best bounty hunters there are. They save Cynthia from her would be kidnapper and return her safely to her home. For the Brothers Swagger, the job is done, but for Cynthia something has changed. She can't get the two men out of her head. Even at work all she can think about is having both of them in her bedroom at once. A thought so foreign that she wonders if it is her own. When they ask her to dinner, a part of her just wants to say no and be done with them, but a much bigger part of her wants to go, so she accepts the invitation. After dinner, they take her home and the whole way Cynthia can't stop thinking about them. When they pull up in front of her house, she decides to invite them inside. Will they take her up on her offer?

Saved by the Tiger Seal

Anita is alone in a strange land, working hard to forget about George, her sleaze ball cheating ex. When the opportunity arrives for her to organize the American ambassador's charity ball she throws herself fully into the role, eager to please her new boss. On the day before the event she is called to a security meeting where the enigmatic and dominant James Miller tells her that some of her plans have to be changed. James makes her look incompetent in front of her boss and Anita takes an immediate dislike to this handsome alpha male.

At the ball she is dismayed to find herself sat next to James for the whole evening. She doesn't want to let another man get under her skin and fights hard against his charms. But is this a battle that Anita can win? The evening takes an unexpected twist and James reveals more than she ever expected!

26. August
Scarlet Heart Publishing

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